Anvil or Hammer

Monday Morning Weigh in: 232.2

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Rest and Recovery by Mike on October 29, 2007

Dropped about half a pound and I’ll take it. My weight seemed to climb the entire first half of the week, no matter what I did, then it dropped off quickly towards the end. I didn’t weigh myself over the weekend so I have no idea how it was behaving. I’m not gonna hit 225 by December and I’m pretty much ok with that at this point in time. I’m still gonna try to hit 230 by then and then 225 by the end of January. Then it’ll be a year of maintenance. I’m starting to itch to lift some heavy weights again so that will be an interesting challenge. Heavy weights and not gaining weight.

My goal for today is to not do anything load bearing. I got myself pretty good on Friday and again Sunday. Between that and screwing around with timber ties, I think a day off is in order.