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I ate like an american

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on October 26, 2007

I found myself changing my tire yesterday morning, not something that made me incredibly happy. As a result, I took off from work at mid day and went to have it taken care of. While doing that, I ate lunch at Panera, soup in a bread bowl. Because of the tire thing, I didn’t make it to the gym for my heart rate row. I seesawed back and forth on doing a workout at home but I just couldn’t settle on anything. Then for supper, I had restaurant food again, this time a burrito. So I ate like an American. I ate three “square” meals, two of which I did not make.

This comes at the end of a week where I struggled to stay compliant with my diet on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday I was compliant but my weight seemed to rise anyway. I haven’t weighed myself yet today but I’ll be up. I anticipate being up for the week as a whole on this coming Monday.It’s annoying.

ok, whining is over, persevere.