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Hamburger Patties

Posted in Cardio,Grip by Mike on October 24, 2007

For cardio today, just a light jog with the dog. Today and tomorrow are all about light cardio. 

Three days of kettlebells left my body feeling beaten and my hands feeling like hamburger. In an effort to be more like Scott and Stephen, I actually made an attempt at some recovery. Hot soaks (not quite as good as a contrast bath but easier to wrangle while doing dishes) and lotion. They feel better.

In that spirit, I made an attempt at a grip workout tonight, it wasn’t very successful. I figured I’d hit block weights, maybe some timber ties and grippers. The block weights wiped me out, bending hasn’t felt right for a week now and grippers were ok, for me.

35lb block
A couple warmups to each side then 10 deadlift reps. Floor to lockout, down, release, repeat. I even pulled off a clean on the right side. The left side got to about three and quite so I finished it up with 3 tens for a total of ten reps.I think that was enough to wear my hands out for the night.

Just not in the cards. I got a tie started and that was it.

T – ten clicks per side
1 – a couple closes per side then a couple holds for time (not much)

so, I suck at grip. Maybe I can actually string a few of these together some day and get a grip.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    I suspect your bending and grippers were weak because block weights were done first. In my experience grip has to be trained from narrowest to widest over the course of a workout.

    I have never been successful training both grippers and bending on the same day, but have found good carry over from double underhand bending to the grippers.

    The block weight work sounds pretty good, actually. Much better than I could do for sure.

  2. Mike said,

    I’m feeling the block work today. I considered stopping after that. I realized that I had pretty much done all I was capable of. The bending didn’t shock me, it just annoys me because it has been off for a week or so. I think with all the kettlebells and stuff, I have just smoked my hands too much. The grippers were pretty normal for me, I suck at grippers.

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