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People’s Court

Posted in Grip,Rest and Recovery by Mike on October 20, 2007


We started the weekend off right, groceries and then tennis. I’m glad my Wife gets me out to play tennis occasionally. I suck and all but I’ve found that I  need the moving around on Saturdays just to get my body on track. It reminds me of high school football when we would go in on Saturday morning, watch game footage and then run some light drills to loosen up. Except without watching people suck on TV first.


I also did a bit of grip play today. I bent a timber tie (DO) and then tried another but it wouldn’t budge, those things are really inconsistent. I had some 3/16″ stuff laying around, bent that, not sure why I have it. Pondered doing more but jsut wasn’t feeling it. I can see why those folders use som much in terms of wraps, if you don’t roll the wrap right, it gets sloppy and stupid. I followed it up with some 2″ Dumbell deadlift, I hit 120 on both hands can called it quits for that. Then I closed my #1 10 times per side. I tried my #2 earlier, yeah right. Maybe I need a #1.5.

I need to go back to gripboard and look at bending and gripper progressions, that’ll be another day though.

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