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Brief Update

Posted in Rant by Mike on October 11, 2007

Just a quick touch base, there was a lot going on here yesterday.

T-shirts: They seem to have gotten a good response which is cool. Right now, I take $1 from each one sold, I’m considering dropping it to less, but I’ve also considered giving at least half of it to the Special Olympics. I haven’t decided. I also forgot to mention, half the reason I created them was so I could get myself a bunch of cheap T-shirts. I’ve ordered my sample one but haven’t actually bought any yet. So don’t think I’ve gone all commercial or anything. I just wanted so cheap T’s that I like.

Diet Experiment: I documented every single food and drink that I consumed yesterday. I’ll go back and add in some notes on the flickr feed later. I think that was a pretty good representation of my diet. As evidence of that, I weighed exactly the same weight this morning as yesterday morning, 235.8.

Tonight’s Workout: Long story short, my car is in the shop. The logistics make it unreasonable for me to try to get to UB tonight. I’m gonna do something with kettlebells, I think. I’ll plan on making my heart rate row Sunday.

Double Overhand Bending: I thought about Chris’s suggestion to bring the elbow together out front rather than down. I got up this morning, wrapped a timber tie and bent it. It was fairly easy, effort wise but very slow. I need to practice this on a lot of ties before I’m ready to move on to some real steel. I may have to post a tearing effort, maybe someone could help me get through this massive Baltimore directory I have.

YouTube: Brent over at asecondchance is starting a YouTube account: MSUweightlifting. No vids yet but when some get posted I’ll mention it.

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