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Grace and Isabel

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on October 5, 2007

Grace – Snatch 135lbs X 30 for time 7:01
Pullup 3
Isabel – Clean and Jerk 135lbs X 30 for time 5:41
Pullup 3
Front Squat 80K 5 X 5
Squat Lockout 855 (I stopped because I was concerned about the equipment. I think I may have to complete this challenge on a yoke.
Steinborn Lift 225 – I’ll try to post video

I’ll work on upper body tomorrow I guess.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Nice work! I’m not surprised on the squat lockout at all. When we did it here, we destroyed an Olympic bar, it bent badly (cheap bar anyway), Nick and my son Sean both did 1000# and stopped because the bar was full so the Yoke is a great idea.

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks Chris. I do recall that image you of you rolling the destroyed bar back and forth on the rack. That is what flashed through my head with those last few plates. I decided that I didn’t feel like buying a new bar this week. If I did, I’d rather buy one that could take the strain then take it home with me. I think a yoke should workout out, it has the strength and in the event of failure, it should be immune to damage.

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