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What have I gotten myself into?

Posted in Goals by Mike on October 3, 2007

Chris Rice reminded me of something. A while back I set out to write a list of goals that was more than a little bit copied off his own model. I picked 100 as the target number of goals and I picked the age of 40 as the time to accomplish them by. Not because I consider 40 the end of the road by any means, it was just a round number. I’m 28 now so I have roughly 12 years to make these things happen. I decided when I wrote this that I needed to make them things that were worthy of 12 years effort. At the same time, I needed to bear in mind that I was doing 100 things not 5 or 10. So all of these goals are doable, most in a year two, some a little longer. I don’t think a lot of people have ever done all of them. So, my 100 x 40 list was born.

Since Chris reminded me of it, I set out to try and finish it. I managed to add a few more but I’m still only up to 80. I’m trying to write down things that don’t require any incredibly specific equipment, so specific that lack of access to equipment is more likely to stop me than lack of ability. I also tried to not limit myself to any geographically place. I intend to be back in the midwest well before this list is done but I can’t say exactly where.

I’m trying to mix it up a bit. You can see how it was written down, there will be a dozen or so related goals then a different group. It’s not intentional, it just tended to be the order I would think of them in. When I got to more than ten related goals, I felt like I was boxing myself in. I tried to put some cardio and som weightlifting on there but there is a definite lean towards strength training.

So feel free to make a suggestion or two. I’ll take about anything but I’m really interested in adding some tests of athleticism on there. Stuff that shows I am more versitile, agile and hostile.

Chris’s reminder also pointed out to me that it’s time I get moving on this list. It’s big and it’s bold and I probably will not accomplish it all.

So here is how I’m going to do this, procedure-wise. First, I am using kind of an odd schdule, stolen from David Seah. Each month runs from the day where the day and the month are the same (1/1, 2/2, 3/3…12/12). that last half of the twelfth month is used for relaxing, celebrating and preparing.

Second, each month gets five goals assigned. That means that in 20 months, less than two years, I will be done, right? No. Most of these goals will take multiple months of trying. It looks like I have time for six passes at each here. To assign my goals each month, I will be randomly picking goals. It doesn’t have to always be the exact same method but I used for this time. Here’s what I came up with:

43. Bend the Red
45. Pinch Deadlift 3 twenty – fives
46. Pinch Deadlift 5 tens
51. Squat Lock out 1000lbs
66. Steinborn lift 315

I’ll probably get started soon, rather than wait for the tenth. I’ll post more, later about this month.

Here we go….

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  1. Scott said,

    Interesting idea. I suspect you’ll be able to knock them off in batches – there’ll be a whole-lotta-nothing followed by an explosion of record breaking. Especially with stuff like the pull-ups (you may even get stuff like the towel and rafter versions on the same day).

    Overall, looks like a great list. Perhaps you can add a few things that aren’t directly related to strength training, but require plenty of strength, endurance and flexibility. Stuff like ‘compete in … sporting event’ (I’m thinking more toward Rugby than Golf).

  2. Chris Rice said,

    Darn – I thought my list was going to be hard – yours is unreal. I can’t imagine many of those lifts – but thankfully I don’t have to hehe! One thing I did was to include some easier and more quickly attainable goals – I thought it important to check things off on a regular basis. I also like what you are doing to keep things going – a problem with having such a long time period to achieve your goals is there is no sense of immediacy. Something you might look at is Dale Harders books. He lists performances and records for many events and sports – it might give you some ideas for the other goals. I picked up all my Track and Field goals from there. He also lists age group records which will apply to you by the time you are 40. I see the Steinborn lift is there – you might look at other Odd lift goals – things like the Zercher etc. There is a web site that shows all the records held in their competitions.
    Good Luck and keep us updated – I really enjoyed my journey and completed it not long after turning 59. I’m in the process now of making a new list to work on – I need to think of a catchy title for it now – “five while alive” maybe?

  3. Mike said,

    I would expect/hope for the batches thing too. Some of them feed into each other directly. The way they get picked could have a lot to do with that as well. If I get to working on some of the more cumulative goals like a powerlifting or olympic total, hitting either of those would certainly help me hit the individual lifts as well.
    I defintly want to add those other elements to my list, I’m just at a loss as how to define them. I’m trying to make them as measurable and objective as possible. So things like completing the Power Yoga DVD aren’t on there because I know what that means to me but others may not and what it means to me could change over time. Definitely nothing that could be completed witha six pack of beer in me and around here, that’s how they play rugby.

    I had forgotten how hard it is until I looked yesterday. I honestly look at it and think, no one can do all this. I decided though, that it just might be possbile and how cool would I be if I were that guy? If I fail, that’s a lesson too.
    I don’t have any of Dale’s books but I’ll be Dan does, I’ll have to see. I’ve tried to draw from a variety of strength competitions and I’m regularly looking for more. I added a goal from that site just this morning.
    I’ll defintely keep folks posted. For your list, maybe: 1 down, 1 to go (mean half centuries of lifting) or Catch up you slobs :-).

  4. Scott Styles said,

    I was going to suggest you focus on some of the easier items while leaning out, but dang, they are all hard.

    A few jumped out at me that I think you could do with just technique practice:

    Snatch the Beast
    Tear a phonebook
    roll a frying pan
    Bend the Red
    Bend the Bastard

    Best of luck.

  5. Mike said,

    Yeah, I debated the weightloss vs goals thing for a bit. I decided to go ahead and start with the goals. Even though it’s not on the list, goal 1 is 225. All other training goals must bow before it.
    The beast, I’m close to snatching it, I think it’ll be one of the easier ones. I played with a phone book yesterday. When it comes to that stuff, I really have no idea what I am even doing. Same with the pan.

  6. Chris Rice said,

    The bending and tearing has a large skill component – you probably have the strength for some of them already. I think Clay has a tearing article somewhere that is real good. Rolling a pan can be easy or hard (stay away from cast iron hehe)depending on what you buy – always hit them in the middle (inside) before rolling them to push the bump out of the bottom. Bending the Red and a Bastard bar are very similar – depending on which ones you get. There will be some good bending coaches at Gripmas and we’ll have both Reds and Bastard bars here for you to try after the contest. You could also add in Reverse and double underhand bending goals for a couple new goals on the list.

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