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Measure twice, bend once

Posted in Grip,Kettlebells by Mike on October 3, 2007

I just kinda did a generic, quick workout tonight. Tomorrow we have the symphony so no workout then.

Jog with the dog, 1.75 miles (as I recall)

24K Bottoms up press 2/2
32K Front Squat 10
32K C&J 10/10
24K Snatch 20/20
32K Windmill 5/5
24K squat 10/10
32K/24K 2 Hands Anyhow
I think there were a couple other lifts in ther but you get the idea

Grip fun, starting on those goals
10lb plate pinch
3 – no chalk, sweaty hands
4 – chalk, surprisingly easy, still, I don’t think I’m ready for five
1/4″ CRS, Unfortunately, I figured I was just goofing around. I didn’t measure it. It’s legs are 3″ and 3.25″ bent. Maybe 6.5″ in length? It wouldn’t count as an “official” bend, I don’t think. I was all doubled over, you wouldn’t be able to see it or anything if you were trying to judge it. Oh, padding was Iron Mind pads.

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