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Monday Morning Weigh in: 238.6

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on October 1, 2007

Also my lowest weight of the week, when I first set it back on Thursday. Progress, ah.

The really cool news is that I bought some 38″ waist pants a week ago, they have since been washed, dried and worn and they fit pretty well. I keep laughing because when we moved out of Greeley a few years back, I threw out several pairs of 38s and even more pairs of 36s because I figured I was never gonna make it back down that road. Live and learn.

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  1. Ben said,

    Hell ya dude keep up the good work you have made strides my friend. After doing a family health history genogram last week for class I realized I need to cut some bacon off my fat ass as well. Lol Hope to see you in person next spring in the ville.

  2. Mike said,

    Hey Ben, always good to hear from you. Nothing quite like seeing how you’ll die to make you think about how you live. I’ve always thought you were a pretty good weight, but look who’s talking. I could see you losing a few though. I imagine if you get those kettlebells going for some serious reps, you’d see a difference right away. Speaking of which, I’m still looking for those photos of the new home gym.

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