Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Kettlebells by Mike on September 27, 2007

Today was my day for a heart rate row. However, on leaving work, my mood could really only be described as foul. I decided I didn’t have the patience for that kind of thing. Instead, it was time to go hard, real hard. If I couldn’t train tomorrow, screw it.

Concept II Vent closed
1,000 meters warmup
5,000 meters details below
1,000 meters cooldown

5,000 meters detail
Time 19:59
Avg HR 172
Max HR 184
I wa focusing on on keeping a 2:00/500 meter time. I got there but it was difficult. In that last 2,000 meters, I knew I was pushing 180 and then into it.¬† I’m not sure how I managed to finish it. I tried to see how long it would take for my pulse to drop to 100, like Chris has suggested. At 5:00 it 115. I gave up and went on.

Double Kettlebell Snatches 16K X 10
Medium Box Jump (18″?) X 10
Kettlebell Bear Crawl 16K Down and Back (let’s say 20-25 feet each way, a racquetball court, however big that is)
Pushups X 10 (originally burpees but I decided I may not make the box jumps with those, I tried for hindu pushups but failed after a few reps)
Five circuits

Avg HR 163
Max HR 177
I found that the box jumps did the most to spike my HR. In hind sight, I should ahve pushed on through the burpees and I should have moved up to 24K for the crawls. Ah well, it gives me somewhere to progress to.

The oddest thing about my workout was that I was interested in just getting stupid with it and if I felt beat up tomorrow, so be it. By the time I drove home I felt great, like I ahd hardly worked out but much more loose and free than if I hadn’t worked out at all. It sucked during¬†though. Odd that it takes so much effort just to get my body moving right.