Anvil or Hammer

I called it

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on September 23, 2007

I said about six months ago that kettlebells were coming to target. Well, I laid my hand on some tonight. 5 lb incraments, wide handles, colored and plasticed bell.

Information Overload

Posted in Cardio,Concept II by Mike on September 23, 2007

Concept II, vent Closed – mission: 1hour of rowing
1,000 meters warmup (not part of 1 hour)
14,000 meters
Time 1:00:00
Avg HR 161
Max HR 169

I had too much going on. I was watching all four readings on my display, my HR monitor, my watch timer, listening to music and the TVs were on for the second half. Too, too much. Anyway, I was trying to keep my strokes per minute below 25. I was also trying to keep my 500 meter time below 2:10. By about 2,500 meters it became more of a “near 2:10”. Even with those two measures, I spent almost all my time at or very near 161 for a HR. The other challenge is that my cardiovascular system seems to have surpassed my muscular endurance in this little game.

So I need to work on my musclar enduarnce as well as pushing myself to row a little faster.

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