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Papa needs a new pair of shoes

Posted in Cardio,Gym Strength by Mike on September 21, 2007

I took the dog out for the same short run as a few days ago, this time I wore my HR monitor. I’ll have to map it out for an exact distance, let’s go mile to mile and a half for now.
Time 15:49
Avg HR 139
Max HR 159

Then I went to the gym. I decided I had been working the clean quite a bit and the snatch deserved some love.
Snatch to and Overhead Squat X 5 each
40K, 50K, 60K, 70K
On the 70s it wasn’t a real snatch, there was a touch of press at the end. I was surprised how much I had forgotten how to snatch properly, well proper for me.

One Hand Snatch to and Overhead Squat X 5 each
20K, 30K, 40K, 50K
I didn’t hit all the OHS on the 50K, I lost a couple of the left handed ones

Jerk X 5 eash
70K, 90K
I tried for 110K, not a chance in the world. I’m gonna have to do something there. I have no idea what.

This weekend I need to buy some shoe goo, my Oly shoes are coming apart at the sole. I can’t afford new
Oly shoes but I’m gonna need to start looking.

Standing Press 3 X 5 70K

Circuit X 5
Pullup Ladder 5 ->1
Dip X 6
Hanging Leg Raise X 8

Circuit X 3, with a 25lb plate for all
Hyperextensions X 12
Roman Chair Situp X 6

Ciruit X 3, 75lb barbell for all
Curl X 6
Overhand Curl X 6
Skull Crusher X 12

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – Barge Cement is what you want – it’s a contact cement made to reattach shoe soles.

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