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Monday Morning Weigh in: 241.0

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on September 17, 2007

Dang it.

Why, I don’t know. My knee jerk reaction is the same as it always is. I really want to lock down my diet. That never works though, so after a few deep breathes I’ll dismiss that. Still, 241. I weighed in at 236.4 on Saturday. My guess is that this is the 5 lbs of variability that Stephen and Chris talked about. Still, 241, dang it. I was pretty good this weekend and all last week.

I guess I have to wait and see where  I steady out this week. Last week I did allow myself a little more to eat in the mornings, so if I’m up, I guess that goes away. Shame too, I was so hungry before it. We’ve even been eating healthier for dinner and stuff. I keep hoping this is that last big rise before a loss that I seem to get.

In better news. June of  ’06 I measured my waist and found it to be 47.5 inches (As I recall). A year later I measured it and was 46.5 or 46.25 inches or something like that. I measured it yesterday, 43.75. That’s some progress. Still driving towards 40.0.

This morning I got up early, like when I do a morning workout. Instead of doing a workout though, I just stretched. It felt pretty good. I still have a small amount of residual soreness but I think the rowing yesterday did me a lot of good. The stretching was a nice wake up.

I expect this week will look a lot like last. I’ll try to do a little something every night. Monday and Wednesday, I’ll do some bodyweight/light kettlebell. Tuesday and Thursday will be sprints and heartrate, respectively, on the rower. I’ll also lift a little. Friday is gym day. If Dan shows up, I’ll do whatever. Otherwise, I might do an hour of Oly and an hour of conditioning. We’ll see.

Oh, and I haven’t the slightest clue why comments are turned off on Sunday’s workout.

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  1. speedstudio said,

    The +2″ off the waist since June gives a more accurate picture of what’s happening than the scale. My hunch is you’re replacing fat with muscle. Congratulations.

  2. Scott Styles said,

    I’ve come to favor tracking my lowest weight of the week instead of my weight on a given day. I find it more accurate week to week. It also gives me motivation to clean my food up for the weekend if I check in on Wednesday and see that I still need my progress for the week.

  3. Mike said,

    Believe me, I’m psyched about the circumfrence loss. That’s what started this whole thing, way back. That’s why I try and check up on it periodically. Still, 225 is also my goal. Gotta love that size loss though. Although I’m starting to need new clothes.

    I know you’ve been using that method for a while. I tried to stay with this Monday morning thing to keep the increments even, I didn’t want dehydration or some other short term factor to dramatically effect my numbers. I thought, that your method would leave me more prone to disappointment as one week I could dip down artifically and then hold steady the next week. It does not seem to be working out that way. Still, I’m hesitant to change horses midstream.
    So, I’m gonna do both. I’d like to keep my Mondays to keep something even and chartable, however, I’m also going to keep track of my weekly low in an effort to find motivation. With any luck, they’ll feed each other.

  4. Scott Styles said,

    For me, tracking valleys does lead to action promoting short term weight loss. Fortunately, I’ve found the biggest changes in my weight are caused by the amount of sodium I eat and whether I exercised the prior day.

    So, if I am not tracking, I can’t afford to eat out or miss workouts. That’s what I need to be doing anyway, and it gives me some sort of control over the number. An extra walk and a clean diet on Saturday pretty much ensures I’ll be a pound or two lighter on Sunday. In the long term, the changes to add up to bring me closer to my goals.

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