Anvil or Hammer

Sit down

Posted in Goals by Mike on September 9, 2007

It’s time I had a chat with myself.

You got a lot going on right now and you need to get your head straight or you’re gonna screw it up. Considering the potential ears, we’ll keep this one limited to training but I’ll get back to you on the other stuff. Don’t think you’re getting off that easy. Here are your goals until the end of the year, quarter 4 of ’07:

  1. Bust that gut – alright boy, you’ve done ok up ’til now. Keep going. You need to hit 225 so you can garuntee and easy 230 for next year. The sooner you hit, the sooner you can move on. Through a combination of diet and regular rowing, this is doable. Keep your diet clean, fiber, protein, fiber, protein. You feel better, have more energy and lose weight this way. Keep hitting th rower three times a week to the best of your ability: Sunday- Long row, Tuesday – Sprints, Thursday – Light. Try to do a little something every single day.
  2. Look for the overlooked – Hit those exercises you neglect, even if they seem like a chore or a waste. Pull ups, rows, curls, tricep stuff and pressing twice a week. These can piggyback on the rowing workouts.
  3. Hand health – you gotta get some some hand health, with the hours you put in on the compy, you need to hit your extensors a couple time a week and you need to hit your flexors at least once. Do these on your off days.

These three goals for the next four months will serve you well.

Begin Again

Posted in Concept II,Gym Strength by Mike on September 9, 2007

Well, that little bit of excitement out of the way, back to work.

Concept II vent closed
10,000 meters
Time 42:53
Avg HR 165
Max HR 184
I spent the vast majority of my time in the low 160’s, it wasn’t until the last third that it really started to climb. I wanted to quite at 7,000 meters. In fact, I stopped rowing for half a second, took a couple breathes and got back to work.

In homage to Scott Styles I checked out a towel and wiped up my spot. The more I thought about it, the more of a sham it is. I didn’t take any sweat up with the towel and any bug-a-boos would have already taken up residence in the neoprene of the handle. The germicides they use are a joke and are misapplied anyway. 
Anyway, I’m babbling…

Into the gym:
Hang power clean to a strict press 135lbs 5 X 5
I hated doing these, I was still exhausted from the rowing.  gotta do some more pressing though.

Barbell curls superseted with standing French Press 75lbs 3 X 10

Towel pull ups 1
towel hangs, not much but all I could do.