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Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on September 8, 2007

Well, that didn’t go well at all


108.18K (239.4 lbs)

160K (352 lbs)
180K (396 lbs)
185K Bomb

140K Bomb
140K Bomb
140K Bomb

200K (440 lbs)
220K Bomb
220K Bomb

I didn’t get even close to my goal weight of 545K (1200 lbs).  That would have required a 181, 136, 227 (400,300,500 lbs)  total. I have been able to do that but not anymore. I think it’s more of a thing of not having done the lifts for single reps/ max effort for quite sometime. the fact that I got greedy on the bench was the worst of it all. I nailed a 120K (264lbs) warmup bench with no problem, heck I do reps with 100K (220lbs). I should have taken the easy 120K at the very least, just to get on the books.

post meet


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  1. Chris Rice said,

    The infamous “BOMB” it gets us all now and then. Nice deep squats though, they looked real good. All the rowing and endurance work no doubt didn’t help anything come time for 1 rep max work. Still a nice job – next time remember to get on the board first before going big. I’ve done it several times in grip meets – and it cost me big each each time.

  2. Mike said,

    yep, big lesson learned there. I was so worried I wouldn’t “fullfil my potential” that I forgot to do the chores. That’s lesson I’m learning all over the place right now.

    The 1 rep max stuff is interesting. I have a couple thoughts on it that I need to write out sometime. The most intersting thing to me right now is that my maxes have dropped while my rep weights have gone up, I’m calling it “weight range compression”.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts on the 1 rep max stuff – I assume you mean in regards to higher rep training etc and how they interact?

  4. brent said,

    first of all

    your gym looks sweet, i’m very jealous of your training environment and the materials you have to work with, are those jerk boxes in the background while you’re doing squats? i need some of those

    also your quads are awesome, i wish i had a pair of those

    it sounds like all you needed was some better preparation… going to try again? 1200lbs seems very doable

  5. Mike said,

    That gym is awesome. It’s actually in the basement of a middle school. Memebership is $7/month or working a 2 hour shift like I do on Friday evenings. You really can’t beat it. To my knowledge it’s the only place in Baltimore that you can do the olympic lifts.

    When it comes to muscle development, my legs doing pretty decent. It’s probably all those 20 rep squats I did for a while.

    I definitely needed more preparation. I kept putting off doing anything for this until it was way to late. I will do it again sometime. I know it’s going to be a while before the next meet. I still need to keep fat loss as a higher priority than strength gain, or regain, for the time being. Then I can try to add this back in. 1200lbs is very doable, when I was actively persuing it, I could have done that although now that I think about it, that was my best for even then.

  6. Scott Styles said,

    Tough day. At least you got out there, put it on the line, and then had the guts to put it online. That takes character.

  7. Mike said,

    Thanks Scott. It was tough by by own screw up,it didn’t hav eto be.
    I guess I put a lot of this stuff on here because I want to remember the successes and failures and I want to limit the looking glass of time from distorting the images.

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