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Forgot my shoes

Posted in Cardio by Mike on September 4, 2007

I forgot my shoes and thought theymight frown on bare foot rowing. I already sweat all over and don’t wipe up.
Because it’s a gym and people who fear sweat should stay home.

So, instead:
Burpees 5 X 10 1 minute to work, 1 minute to rest.
Time: 8:53
Avg HR: 153
Max HR: 168

I’d have liked to do some swing but I started and broke a blister yesterday and I’m a sissy when it comes to that stuff.

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  1. brent said,

    i am a real big nasty sweater too

    like the Olympic platform i use is dribbled with Jackson Pollock-like patterns of perspiration, that kind of big nasty sweater

    sometimes my t-shirt and neck are so soaked that when i front squat, the bar is dripping with sweat

    i do not wipe anything up either

    it is really excessive and sometimes i wonder if i’ve got some kind of physiological disease that i should get checked out

    nice kettlebell by the way

  2. Scott Styles said,

    I’d rather not sit down in a puddle of someone else’s sweat when I’m exercising. Yuck.

  3. Mike said,

    I’m with Brett on the Jackson Pollocks. The gym that I do my oly lifts in is a good gym for it too., they have no problem with sweat. Those guys will tease you if you don’t sweat.

    I thought someone might mention the “puddle” concept. Really, has anyone ever left a puddle of sweat? I mean, I wouldn’t want to sit in a puddle of anything, it could be a puddle of honey but I’m not sitting in it. No people want you to wipe the little flecks of sweat off the exercise bike. Not the part you sit on so much as the display or the column holding the display. First, it’s no more sanitary than just leaving it, there is not antimicrobials in paper towels. Second, what are you doing touching all those things. Third, why did you come to the gym if you didn’t expect to sweat and come in contact with sweat. By counter point, my Friday gym turns off the fans if they feel like it is getting to chilly to really sweat in there. That’s the proper way to do it.

  4. Scott Styles said,

    I’m thinking more about the weight machines than anything. I worked at a gym part time when I was in college. One of my jobs was to walk around spraying down the equipment people left sweaty. There were people who would get off something like a seated chest press and leave the seat and back covered in sweat. It might not have been puddling, but it was nasty.

    I think it’s a common courtesy to wipe the sweat off the handles and seat on a rower when you get done. The gyms I worked at provided a few spray bottles and towels for doing this. Free towels were also available for the members to carry with them to clean up after themselves.

    I think when using shared facilities, each member has an obligation to leave things in a condition as good as, if not better, than they found it. Wiping up sweat is no different than re-racking the weights or cleaning up your chalk.

  5. Mike said,

    Scott makes a good point.
    I’m still a pig. 🙂

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