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Monday Morning Weigh in: 239.2

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on August 27, 2007

w00t and double w00t!
It just barely ticked over from 239.0 at the last second.
There are two factors at odds here. I ate like crap last week. I got burnt out on what I have been eating for last month or so. So I switched it up this week in hopes of staying more in line with my diet. The opposition is that I did those 10,000 meters yesterday which probably account, at least partially, for the low reading.

Still my lowest bodyweight last week was actually 238.8 which is pretty awesome, so I am still losing. In other good news, my resting heart rate has dropped. If I just through the monitor I’m about 64, 65. If I work at supressing it I can get it down to 58 and I even hit 56 once. That’s pretty cool.

All in all, victory dance this week.

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  1. brent said,

    hey that’s awesome mike

    it’s amazing what breaking a benchmark number feels like … not much difference between 97.5 or 100, or 107.5 and 110, but i’m not happy with my c+j unless it breaks the last 10k benchmark

  2. anvilorhammer said,

    thanks Brett. It is a milestone.
    It’s amazing how telling numbers can be and how much your mind can make them something else.

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