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Monday Morning Weigh in: 241.0

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Rest and Recovery by Mike on August 20, 2007

Looks familiar, right? It was last week and four weeks ago that I used this same title.

Honestly, I’m relieved I didn’t gain this week. That may be defeatist, I don’t know but I’m glad. By that same token, it is time to move on. 239 is my mantra for the week. I want 239.X next week. I have three rowing workouts planned between now and then, I’ll try to make the most of them. I’ll try to used kettlebells a bit in between and maybe some calestenics (sp?). Time to get this stone a rollin’ again.

In other weirdness, I found this crick in my back last evening. It actually felt like it was in my neck but as I worked myself with my foam roller, I douldn’t get it. Then I rolled on down my back and suddenly it popped and the discomfort was relieved. I had the same thing on the car ride in the this morning. I found if I relaxe my whole back and breathe deep and my back round as I do so, it pops. It seems to make if feel better so I’m not complaining. It’s just weird.

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