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Heavy Weekend

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Strongman by Mike on August 20, 2007

I knew the gym was closed this weekend for “training”. So when I heard the local strongman promoter was coming to tow, I thought it was  a good excuse to be there. We all showed up about noon and it was raining. We did the usual warm up for Luke’s place and drug the gear out. We opened up the day with some yoke walks. I managed to work up to 650 for a 10 yard or so walk. Nothing special. Then we moved on to a farmers carry relay. 235 per hand, go as far as you can. We each got two passes. I took it about 15 feet each time, not far at all. My supporting grip is pathetic. Some of the braver souls took a run at it with the 2″ handles as well but that is simply out of my league.

We moved the gear back inside and headed out back to play with the odd lifts. Someone brought a little, concrete husafel stone but it only weighed about 150 lbs so there wasn’t a lot there. There was playing with kettlbells and some other objects. I spent most of my time with a keg. I think they said it was in the 170 lbs range. Very interesting to play around with. I was trying to strict press it overhead but the thing was really wobbly which made me wobbly.

It was good to see some of the regulars, they are always good guys. They were all able to do various strong things that remind me of how much stronger the rest of us can get.

changing gear rapidly and with out a good bridge…

I have been weighing heavy all week. What’s more, other than a couple random days in the middle of the week, I haven’t broken the plane of 240.0 yet. I’d really like to get it moving again. These last few weeks have been kind of random with a summer cold, the strongman contest, the gym occasionally being closed, and so on. I’m hoping to get back after the schedule I know and love so I can start dropping weight again.

Todays weigh in will be heavy,  I know. I’m guessing a  mid 241 weight.

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