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Posted in Cardio,Kettlebells by Mike on August 20, 2007

A little sum’in different this eve
Flutter kick
Air Squat
16K KB snatch

reps: 25,20,15,10,5,4,3,2,1

AVG 166
Max 173

I accidentally hit my heart rate monitor in there somewhere. It stopped and I restarted it so those numbers are a hair inflated as they lack the initial ramp up, I only captured the last 4 minutes in HR info. Those were pretty much the numbers I was reading when I looked. They were highest after the snatches and lowest after the flutter kicks.  I’m timing for my HR to return to 100, per Chris, and will update when it hits. So far 5 minutes and I’m at 114.

at 16:00 I was at 104 and had to get up and do something else so I wasn’t able to finish the experiment. I was expecting less than 16 minutes, I’m guessing that means I’m not in very good condition.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    I just went back to Sept and checked when I was doing those HR workouts and it looked like from 2 to 5 minutes for me to return to 100 bpm – your mileage may vary. I sometimes wonder if my heart works right anymore.

  2. Mike said,

    5 minutes is more along the lines I would have suspected. I’m gonna play with some more this week and try and do a little research. Maybe I’ll know something more by this weekend. I suspect my results show very poor cardiovascular health. In which case, after I lose the weight I’ll turn more attention that way. Of course, there will be some concurrent benefits but they also diverge at a certain point.

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