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Reflux Redux

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on August 18, 2007

Yesterday I felt compelled to complete the workout I had bombed out on a week before. This time there was no eel and avacado for lunch, it made all the difference.

Leg Extension 140lbs 20
Leg Press 600lbs 15
Sissy Squat BW+25 20
SL Deadlift 130K (286lbs) 5,5,5 (chalk between sets)
Standing Calf Raise 500lbs 15
Seated Calf Raise 80lbs 15
Bench 160lbs 12
Row 120lbs 6
Pullover 60lbs 10
Jerk 135 5 (negative singles)
Preacher Curl 75 8
Tricep pushdown 65lbs 12

This was tough, no doubt. My legs are sore but nothing like they were last week after the jerks. About the same point as last week, the rows, I started to get quease (sp?). That’s also where I started rest during sets. It’s a nervous system thing. I have the strength, I can feel it. My pulse averaged 161 and maxed out at 175 so nthing special there. It’s just the mind wanting to quit.

The local strongman promoter is coming to town on Sunday. Imay go by but I’mnot sure I’ll be worth anything for a workout.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Do you time these – there are much like the heart rate workouts I used to do – I used the total time to tell if I was making any progress – just curious how long it took you. Another thing I would do is time how long it took my heart rate to return back to 100 bpm after the last rep. That time seemed a good indicator of my conditioning level also.

  2. Mike said,

    Time was 24:22. Through what little experimentation we have done, we havve found is largely a result of good estimates of weights, allowing more or less reps as you want. For example, Dan tried an upper boy workout for the first time so the weights weren’t quite right. He had 11 exercises but it took his only 15 minutes.
    I haven’t been checking to see how long it takes for my heart rate to drop to 100. I’ll have to do that. That is where I wish I could get more info ourt of my monitor than just time, max and avg. What kind of monitor do you use Chris?

  3. Chris Rice said,

    I think it’s a Polar FS3 but I’m not sure. Like you, I wish it did a few more things than it does. After I do my last rep of the workout, I push the stop and read off my time, average and max HR and I look at the wall clock. I then restart my monitor and watch the wall clock until my HR hits 100. Not perfect but consistent anyway – the wall clock has a second hand so it’s fairly accurate. You can leave the monitor run of course and check it that way but then I feel it throws off the average HR for the actual workout portion off quite a bit. And I always sit during the recovery just to be consistent.

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