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A good workout

Posted in Cardio,Concept II by Mike on August 16, 2007

but not in the usual way.

On the way into the gym my head was full of a complaints. I didn’t want to workout. I didn’t feel like i had a good workout yesterday. I don’t want to train tomorrow. I think I’m getting sick again.

In the gym
With the vent open
1,000 meters wamup
5,000 meters  19:35
1,000 meters cooldown
I don’t have my heart rate monitor handy but I’ll put that info in later.

On the way out of the gym I felt better. I am looking forward to getting some play type workouts in over the weekend.

That to me is a good workout.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Sounds a little like over training – or over reaching or something by todays standards. Sounds like you need a short break if it keeps up anyway.

  2. Mike said,

    yeah, I considered that. Since it cleared up with a workout I thought I might just be a sissy. We’ll see though. I may need to consider some down time. This coming week would be a good time for it. The last week before the fall semester.

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