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Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Gym Strength by Mike on August 7, 2007

AM Workout
I got up all excited to do my workout I made up, sorta. I have a 2″ dumbell loaded with 30lbs in plates. The basic idea was to move and not stop with it. That turned out to not work so well. For starters, I didn’t want to do clean and jerks with them since I’ve done a few already this week. Second, it’s a 2″ diameter by 24″ long dumbell so it’s not the easiest thing to manage.
1 side suit case deadlifts X 10/10
1 legged straight leg deadlifts 10/10
rows 10/10
Here I ran out of inspiration. A look at my heart monitor says this isn’t a good cardio workout, 111 or so.
Crossfit inspired air squats X 20, this took the pulse up 20 bpm
Push up 20
16K kettlebell swing 50/50
air squats 20
Time: 10:02
Avg HR 129
Max HR 153

PM Workout
Concept II
1,000 meters warmup – flue open
1,000 meters warmup – flue closed
1,000 meters sub 1:50 – flue closed
1,000 meters warmup/cooldown – flue open
1,000 meters sub 2:00 flue open
Total of 5,000 meters in just short of 21:00. Not too bad considering it included warmup and everything. It’s much easier with that flue/damper closed.
AVG HR 155
Max HR 179

I felt like doing some lifting
135 X 5
225 X 5
315 X 15 singles (took about 5 minutes, so there was rest in there)
225 2 X 10

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