Anvil or Hammer

Peter Gabriel

Posted in Cardio,Dinsoaur Style,Grip by Mike on August 6, 2007

20 2 Hand Swings
20 1 Hand Swings Each
20 Snatches Each
20 2 Hand Swings
20 1 Hand Swings Each
20 Snatches Each
3 X 10 Snatches Each

Time 10:00
AVG HR 144
Max HR 163

Peter Gabriel – sledgehammer
I dug out my 10lber after a long rest in the closet. Nothing to special, just a little light levering in all directions. I was waaaay choked up on the handle. I need to do more with that. If not for strength, for wrist mobility. Then it was off to the park where I apparently almost killed the dog by making her walk too far in the hot, humid weather. Not quite what I was going for. She’s all better now.

I hope I’m able to roll my butt out of bed tomorrow morning. I have a workout set up that I have wanted to do since last week.

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Monday Morning Weigh In: 242.4

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on August 6, 2007

Not too bad, all things considered. I’ve got my chicken in my salads and I’m all ready for this week. Besides, new budget constraints I have put in place will limit my ability to screw up. A nice indirect benefit. I emailed myself the vids from Friday, unfortunately they come in a weird format so I won’t get them up until at least tonight if not later this week.

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