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heavy weekend

Posted in Kettlebells,Strongman by Mike on August 5, 2007

I helped out at strongman yesterday. Boy, was that hot, mid 90’s on blacktop. I was glad to not participate. ThoseĀ  heavyweight weights were crazy. I feel like I’ll, at least, be able to move the lightweight weights. There were a lot of guys who didn’t complete a single event. To give you and idea, 200’s final event was the log press. The guy who took second overall didn’t even do the event, he hadĀ  plane to catch. He didn’t lose any place because not a single guy got one rep.

I weighed myself today, about mid-day, to find myself dangerously close to 245. Ah well, two bad weeks in a row. I’m cooking my chicken right now. I will do this week right. I rewatched some of the gym jones stuff. They talk about commitment and focus a lot. I need to remember that some days.

I wasn’t planning on working out today, I figured yesterday was my workout. I was feeling kinda froggy though so I thought I’d do something real quick. I opted for kettlebell Cleans and Jerks.
5 X 10/10
Time 12:32
AVG HR 167
MAX HR 175

My shoulders will hurt tomorrow.

I even made a video. I cut it up a bit because it was long. This is the abbreviated version.