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Prepare to lock and load

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on August 3, 2007

Tomorrow I load for strongman. I’m 10 lbs away from where I need to be in May and I feel like I can make it pretty “easily” (easy is relative). I think I’m gonna diet straight through to 230 before I take a break. Once I hit 230, I’ll try to hold through the contest. Once that passes, I’ll decideĀ  how much more I want to work on for next year’s weightloss.

Before all that, today:
1 hour of light technique work on cleans. I even hit 100K a few times. I got greedy and went for 110 just to try and hit bodyweight, I missed. I got a bunch of videos with my phone I’ll try to post them up over the weekend. I missed quite a few. Even when I get low, I tend to catch too far in front of myself.

100K Front squat 2 X 3
80K Jerk 5X5
Bodyweight 20 rep squat (by bodyweight I mean 110K)
I got the first rep or two on video. I was surprised at how low I wasn’t going. I thought I was really getting deep, I think I barely hit parallel.
70lb DB press 12,8,4
90lb T-bar row 12X4
80lb Rope tricep press 12 X 2
95lb EZBarbell curl 8 X 2
225lb Trap bar shrugs 2oreps

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  1. Scott said,

    When’s the comp?

  2. Mike said,

    The one today is from 11 until whenever. The one in May isn’t announed yet, I think it’s usualy the second weekend.

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