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Cow Worship

Posted in Cardio by Mike on August 2, 2007

For 08/01/07 

AM Workout
1 minute Hindu Squat
1 minute Hindu Pushup
X 5
Time: 10:00
Avg HR: 134
Max HR: 149
I’ve never really done Hindu Squats before. They are mentioned in one of Pavel’s books that I have but I was never able to feel comfortable with them based on a drawing. I Youtubed it and found some ripped off videos of it. I’m not a fan of ripped off videos but I wanted to learn how to do these. I estimate I did around 200 – 250 of these total, I was getting a little burning sensation by the end.
I also have never done Hindu Push-ups, I thought. Turns out, I used to call them Divebombers. I had to see another YouTube video (also stolen, from the same guy) to find this out. By the third set I was failing. In the fourth and fifth sets I was only doing a couple then trying to hold the regular push up position (front leaning rest to me).

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