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If a picture is a thousand words…

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on July 22, 2007

why do they cost so much?

No chance to row today, Artscape down in my old ‘hood.  I had hoped to run that hill I have been talking about but something came up at work. So no workout. I’ll probably weigh in a tad heavy tomorrow as a result. I’ve been hitting 241.X all week. So, it’s progress. I’d like to get down the 240 by the strongman comp in August. I’m just helping me out but that puts me down 20+ pounds from my previous competition weights. It also puts me within 10 lbs of the weight I intend to compete at in May of ’08.

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A Hill

Posted in Cardio,Dinsoaur Style by Mike on July 21, 2007

We’ve found a lovely hill at Oregon Ridge State Park. it hasa hill that is called a ski slope. Having lived in Colorado, I can’t totally get behind that. It is one heck of a hill though. A quarter mile I’d guess. I’ve walked up it a few times now. A jog is what I’m really driving for. I don’t think I’ll make it the first time but I’ll do what I can. There are a whole mess of trails back in the woods too, I’ll have to take a walk back there some day as well.
0721072002b 0721071940a

Bit of a go

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on July 21, 2007

Just as I was sitting down tot ype this I got a text from Dan that this workout wiped him as well. From Friday:
Warm up:
Ab Ball 20
Leg Lift 20
Squirm 20

The workout:
Leg Extension 130lbs X 15
Leg Press 490 X 15
Squat 225 X 20
Pullovers 30 X 20 *rest
Leg Curl 100lbs X 16
Lateral Walk Black Band 10yrds each way
Lunge 50lb DBs X 12/12
Standing Calf Raise 500 X 20
Seated Calf Raise 75 X 15
Time: 19:00 minutes

After a lot of rest
Chins X 5
Wide Pulldown 100 X 10
T-Bar Row 90 X 10

A quick pick for Kris:
Your shirt in the “wild”
0716071628  0716071627

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Not a morning person

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on July 20, 2007

I haven’t done my morning workout for two mornings in a row now. I’m not terribly heart broken. The morning workouts are a good thing and they can provide additional alertness through, at least, part of the days. They cut into my sleep schedule though. I’ve been a little extra tired this week. Perhaps it is my advancing years (kidding) or it could have been the extra aquat workout and running around at the new park. Either way, the morning workouts are neither gone nor forgotten. I’m simply giving the peoples (my body) what they wants. Maybe, after a little rest this weekend I’ll be right back at it.

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So you say it’s your birthday…

Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Grip,Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on July 18, 2007

…well, it’s my birthday too, yeah…

AM Workout
Same as yesterday. I got done a bit early so I tacked a windmill to each side on as well.
AVG HR: 134
MAX HR: 154
It’s funny to see that my heartrate dropped between the two. Now I realize that there are about 1,000 factors that could be taken into consideration to explain this. It’s still interesting.

I started cheating about a week ago and added something to my morning but I haven’t been documenting it. I fished out my grippers again. I have to figure out some way to make some progress on those things. Each day I close it the same number of times, for a week. Last week I simply closed the trainer five times, under control, per day. This week I close the trainer six times and then the number one, one time. I realize that gripper progress isn’t linear and that I will eventually have to add some more stuff in there but it’s  a start, a baby step.
I’m always shocked at how much my gripper ability drops off when I’m away from them. Give me a month of regular training and I’ll close the two. When I first start back though, I can’t clsoe the one. I have no idea what is going on, call it skill call it neurological adaptation but it is at play with grippers.

PM Workout
280 lbs X 20 rep squat
I debated this all day. I did’t have the guts for 280 X 28 so I settled. I’ll shoot for 300 X 30 for my 30th. It was a slow set but just for fun, I started my heart monitor. I didn’t check how long it took me but I was at 179 BPM when I was done.

5,000 m in 21:11
I would have done it in 21:10 but I was right on the edge of my constitution on this one.
AVG HR 168
Max HR 184
I have 20:46 documented as my first 5,000 meter row. I’m really questioning that I did that. I’m wondering if I did a 1,000 meter warm up then started the clock and finished the 5,000 meters.

BDay minus 1

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Dinsoaur Style,Kettlebells by Mike on July 17, 2007

AM Workout
A good warm up this morning. I’m all kinds of sweaty
20 2 hand swings
20 1 hand swings / arm
20 2 hand swings
20 1 hand swings / arm
20 sumo deadlifts
20 clean and jerks / arm
20 goblet squats
20 1 hand swings / arm
20 2 hand swings
AVG HR 141
MAX HR 155

Weighed in at 242.6, that makes me feel better

No workout but a very nice walk at a nearby park that will make for some good workouts in the future.

Another boring one

Posted in Concept II by Mike on July 16, 2007

Yeah Ben, I heard, I’m boring 😛

No AM workout

1,000 m 2:30 warmup
1,500 m 2:00
1,000 m 2:20
1,500 m 2:00
1,000 m 2:20
1,000 m 2:00
1,000 m 2:20
800 m 2:00
I was too gassed to finish.

Avg HR: 158
Max HR: 183

Another EDIT:
The fleu was closed all the way for this workout.

Monday Morning Weigh in: 245.2

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 16, 2007


How the, What the, Who the!

This just irritated me. I’ve been thinking about it since and I can’t come up with an explanation. I reduced the amount I was eating during the week and landed at 243 on Friday morning. Not where I would have liked to have been but acceptable. I weighed myself late morning on Sunday and I was 245. I probably should have gained the 0.2 lbs since then but, ok, I’ll take 0.2 lbs.

So what happened in the one day where I gained 2 lbs. That was my sushi day. One day a week I eat sushi for lunch. That means I bring a yogurt and nothing else for food. When it gets to be lunch time, I go across the street for some sushi. I usually get two rolls. One for then and one to go. I eat a sushi roll at 11 and a sushi roll about 1 pm. Other than that, there was no food between my 243 weigh in and my workout.

I did the ubermensch legs workout and drank a gatorade (not the quart, the smaller one). Usually on Friday nights my wife and I just have some corn chips. Not an ideal meal but it hasn’t seemed to cause any problems in the past. She loves corn chips and I really like the guacamole stuff we get with it. This Friday, instead we got BBQ with Dan. It was southern style so not all sauce covered. I got smoked catfish, it was good. Dan gave me the smoked chicken breast out of his meal because he couldn’t see me eating only the fish and because his was enough food for three people. I also had a small amount of my wife’s sandwich. So lots more fat and protein and probably calories but not 2 lbs worth.

Saturday morning was the usual. Most Saturday mornings we go get breakfast sandwiches at Einstein Bagels. It means eggs on bread, basically. Saturday lunch was Chik-fil-a, we split a meal. Saturday supper we had the chips and dip we usually have on Friday. Sunday morning I made my usual Sunday breakfast, which is basically a homemade version of the same breakfast from Saturday.

It might sound like we eat out a lot but some of that is because we don’t go out to eat all week.  The BBQ was an abnormal out meal. The rest of it is almost the exact same thing as every single other week since, at least, this winter.

So why did I gain 2 lbs in just over 24 hours? I haven’t a clue. I also don’t understand why cutting calories over the course of the week led to no additional losses. I’m going to continue this week with the same week time diet as last week (1 yogurt, 2 salad with chicken breasts) and see how it goes. May since I’m starting this week high rather than low, it’ll go the other way for me.

I guess I should look at the bright side. Even coming in high, I’m 20 pounds lighter than I was 6 1/2 months ago and I only  have anothe 10 to go for this year.

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Flip-flops and suncreen

Posted in Cardio,Concept II by Mike on July 15, 2007

Is it weird that I like to row in sandals? I don’t lift in sandals, I’m not at the beach or pier. I just like rowing in sandals.

1,000 meters 2:30 warmup
1,000 meters 2:00
1,000 meters 2:20
repeat the 2:00,2:20 rotation for a total of three rounds
1,000 meters 2:30 cooldown
8,000 meters
Average HR 159
Max HR 178

I wan’t sure how this would go. Everything except my quads were recovered from Friday.  I hopped on to give it a go. It worked out pretty well. Tomorrow my legs will love me or hate me, time will tell. Oddly, I don’t feel worked out at all. I’m not sure why and I’m not sure it is really a “bad” thing. If I can get the same results but feel fresh afterward, I won’t complain.

I am a bit worried about tomorrow’s weigh in. I’m not feeling the 242 I had my eye on. In fact, I weighed myself today at 245, the heaviest I’ve been in at least a week. Some of it could be water from the sore muscles and some chips I had alst night but my diet hasn’t been that off nor has my exercise. We’ll see tomorrow.

I read the Concept II article on Crossfit but I’m gonna have to read it again. It was kind of hard to follow.

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How ot not toss your cookies at the gym

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on July 14, 2007

Don’t eat cookies

HIT workout at Dumbarton with Dan

Trapbar shrugs 275 X 12
Abmachime M X 12 (it has letters instead of weight)

Overhead Press 140 X 8
Pullovers 65 X 15
Row 150 X 10
Bench 140 X 8
Pulldown 150 X 4 120 X 4 100 X 2
2 minutes rest

Leg Extensions 130 X 10
Leg Press 490 X 12
Squat 225 X 15
Leg Curl 100 X 15
Calf Raise 500 X 12
Seated Calf Raise 75 X 9
Done in 20:40

Barbell curl 80 X 8 singles
Tricep pushdown 85 X 8 singles, 75 X 2 single

I couldn’t do more with the arms stuff because my legs would twitch so bad I couldn’t get a solid foundation.

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