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Anatomy of an hour

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on July 29, 2007

I think people get the wrong impression when I say I do Olympic lifts for an hour. First, remember I weigh 108 kilos at this point. When I show up, I start out with the broomstick and so some basic snatches and overhead squat. I also do some stretching and twists. I move on to an empty bar. Some more overhead snatches, twists and a few hang cleans. That is the warm up and come before the hour begins.

Usually the hour begins with 40k. Depending on the day I will work a few cleans and move on to snatches. If I’m feeling really good, I maydo a few sets of overheaf squats. I usually do between 3 and 10 hang cleans and the same number of snatches. I usually move on to 60k. Again, it depends on the day in a major way. Usually I do five to twenty of these. This is also when I periodically take a break and do some a pull up or two between sets.

If I’m feeling froggy I  might push on to 80K with a similar arrangement to the previous. Then I may even go on to 100k. That, as you know, is a mixed bag.The 100k is almost always limited to five reps (often failures). I do usually do jerks with the 100K if I manage to clean it.

Then I begin to work down. I go back down the ladder they way I went up. Depending on my level of motivation, I gt between 50 and 75 reps total. I try to shoot for 60, an average of one per minute. Although, I tend to do about 5 a set then take a short break to change weights or a pull up.

Yesterday’s workout, I obviously didn’t get all the way up to 100k.I was trying to focus on getting the squat clean done rather than a powerclean. I did 15 minutes with 60k which was about 20 reps, I’ guessing. I didn’t work the snatch at all, I was just getting my body ready. I  moved up to 60k. I worked singles for a half an hour with the ocassional pull up thrown in. I did about 25 or so. The good news is that I was getting some good squats cleans in there. After that I went back to the 40K and kept working the technique.

So these are really technique workouts. They aren’t really heavy. When I’m done, my muscles feel warm and good but not tired. My nerves feel pretty exhausted though.  I figure that is a good sign that I worked the technique hard.

So I hope no one gets the impression I am doing some kind of iron man workout or something.

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  1. brent said,

    that sounds a lot less extreme, but still pretty tough

    i’m just used to things like “10 singes in 10 minutes” or the standard 5×5 … anything over 25 reps to me just sounds very very difficult

  2. Mike said,

    It’s all good. I can see how “an hour of cleans” could easily be misread as “lots of cleans”. I just don’t want to give folks the impression I am some Oly stud or something.

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