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Schedule change

Posted in Goals by Mike on July 23, 2007

Well, the summer semester is over. That means my schdule will change. Starting this week, I walk the dog on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday, Thursday and most Sundays will be rowing. Friday is Dumbarton. I’ll continue with Dan’s HIT workouts as long as he keeps coming. After that, I’ll keep doing my 2 hour Friday nights but it’ll go back to an hour of olympic followed by an hour of “fitness”. I’m going to try and squeeze in a trip to The Hill every week and maybe a short snatch test or something.

Actually, this week will be a good test, with overtime and all. In a month or so, I have classes again. There will be three of them, all online. It’ll be really time consuming and demanding.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Enjoy the break from classes for the rest of summer. What happened to the sandbags and sled?

    Have you started getting extreme soreness from the HIT workouts? When I’d lift that infrequently, it beat me up.

  2. Mike said,

    The discomfort of getting up at 4:30 has stifled my creativity. I really should dig the sandbags out again. I don’t know if I’m up for the drive to the park at 4:30. It would be a good weekend morning wake up though. More than anything, I use the ritual to help with the rough wake up.

    I’ve had some soreness. Saturdays are usually uncomfortable. I think the double set of 20 rep squats last week did more damage than any one workout. I look forward to making my target weight so I can row twice a week and lift twice a week for a while.

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