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So you say it’s your birthday…

Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Grip,Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on July 18, 2007

…well, it’s my birthday too, yeah…

AM Workout
Same as yesterday. I got done a bit early so I tacked a windmill to each side on as well.
AVG HR: 134
MAX HR: 154
It’s funny to see that my heartrate dropped between the two. Now I realize that there are about 1,000 factors that could be taken into consideration to explain this. It’s still interesting.

I started cheating about a week ago and added something to my morning but I haven’t been documenting it. I fished out my grippers again. I have to figure out some way to make some progress on those things. Each day I close it the same number of times, for a week. Last week I simply closed the trainer five times, under control, per day. This week I close the trainer six times and then the number one, one time. I realize that gripper progress isn’t linear and that I will eventually have to add some more stuff in there but it’s  a start, a baby step.
I’m always shocked at how much my gripper ability drops off when I’m away from them. Give me a month of regular training and I’ll close the two. When I first start back though, I can’t clsoe the one. I have no idea what is going on, call it skill call it neurological adaptation but it is at play with grippers.

PM Workout
280 lbs X 20 rep squat
I debated this all day. I did’t have the guts for 280 X 28 so I settled. I’ll shoot for 300 X 30 for my 30th. It was a slow set but just for fun, I started my heart monitor. I didn’t check how long it took me but I was at 179 BPM when I was done.

5,000 m in 21:11
I would have done it in 21:10 but I was right on the edge of my constitution on this one.
AVG HR 168
Max HR 184
I have 20:46 documented as my first 5,000 meter row. I’m really questioning that I did that. I’m wondering if I did a 1,000 meter warm up then started the clock and finished the 5,000 meters.