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Another boring one

Posted in Concept II by Mike on July 16, 2007

Yeah Ben, I heard, I’m boring 😛

No AM workout

1,000 m 2:30 warmup
1,500 m 2:00
1,000 m 2:20
1,500 m 2:00
1,000 m 2:20
1,000 m 2:00
1,000 m 2:20
800 m 2:00
I was too gassed to finish.

Avg HR: 158
Max HR: 183

Another EDIT:
The fleu was closed all the way for this workout.

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  1. Ben said,

    LMAO! Who told you that? In all seriousness I think you have something here with the concept II so stick with it if you enjoy it. BTW you had made good strides already when I saw you in April versus how you looked at XMas. Also I wouldn’t worry about weighing in at 245 this morning. How are you liking the HIT style workouts thus far?

  2. Mike said,

    I think your dad told your mom who told Laura who told me. It’s all good.
    I do like the concept II, it’s fun, but boring as heck to read and write about. Thanks on the simprovements. There should be at least as much of a difference next time too.
    The HIT stuff is ok. It’s not something I will be doing on my own as it runs counter to what I really want to be doing and I’m less and less convienced of its effectivness with each workout. The morning stuff, on the other hand, will probably stay for quite a while.
    Now hurry up and build your gym 🙂

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