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Flip-flops and suncreen

Posted in Cardio,Concept II by Mike on July 15, 2007

Is it weird that I like to row in sandals? I don’t lift in sandals, I’m not at the beach or pier. I just like rowing in sandals.

1,000 meters 2:30 warmup
1,000 meters 2:00
1,000 meters 2:20
repeat the 2:00,2:20 rotation for a total of three rounds
1,000 meters 2:30 cooldown
8,000 meters
Average HR 159
Max HR 178

I wan’t sure how this would go. Everything except my quads were recovered from Friday.  I hopped on to give it a go. It worked out pretty well. Tomorrow my legs will love me or hate me, time will tell. Oddly, I don’t feel worked out at all. I’m not sure why and I’m not sure it is really a “bad” thing. If I can get the same results but feel fresh afterward, I won’t complain.

I am a bit worried about tomorrow’s weigh in. I’m not feeling the 242 I had my eye on. In fact, I weighed myself today at 245, the heaviest I’ve been in at least a week. Some of it could be water from the sore muscles and some chips I had alst night but my diet hasn’t been that off nor has my exercise. We’ll see tomorrow.

I read the Concept II article on Crossfit but I’m gonna have to read it again. It was kind of hard to follow.

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