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Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Kettlebells by Mike on July 11, 2007

I took yesterday off. I slept in and then I didn’t train in the evening. I don’t regret it on bit.

This morning it was a bit hard to get up though. Still, I did and I ahd a pretty good wake up for the effort. I may need to consider extending my workout to 15 minutes. I currently do some wake up type “stretches” for about 5 minutes and then go to it but I think the little set with the 12K that I open th workout with is becoming more of a wake up thing too. It takes about 5 minutes to go through.
2 hand swings X 20
1 hand swings X 20 / side
Windmill to OHS X 5 / side
2 hand swings X 20
1 hand swings X 20 / side
Flip Squat X 20
Clean and Jerk X 10 / side
Sumo deadlift X 20
2 hand swings X 10 / side
Average HR 140
Max HR 153
I feel nice and awake now, a tad sweaty but good in all other ways.

One question: can you row for an hour? Yes
1 hour
13,100 meters
average HR 153
max HR 172
I definitely spent most of my time in the low to mid 150s. I hit 160 at about 10 minutes to go and 170 was the last couple minutes. I was aiming for a better pace than 2:20. I haven’t done the math but I’m prety sure I got there based on watching the monitor.