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Monday morning weigh in :243.2

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on July 9, 2007

“no way, I gotta do this again”

I had been bracing for a higher weight or no loss this week. I spent a fair portion of the weekend thinking that I needed to dial down my diet some because I ate off diet a bit last week.  Normally I weigh myself most days but this week I didn’t so I can’t really say when the weight was lost during the course of the week. Either way, I’m really happy about that.

I’m aimed at 242 for next week. A nice round number and the lightest I have been this millenium.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    I can hear my son Sean’s “Told ya so” already. Concept II rocks!!!

    Site was super slow loading today, thought it was going to time out on me.

    Congrats on the weight loss!!!

  2. Mike said,

    lol, well, tell Sean thanks. I wish I could say I knew exactly what did it. None the less. I’ll keep on rowing and if it keeps dropping, I’ll owe him a beer or a tshirt or something.

    Sorry bout the site. I ran into that this morning too. I’m not quite sure why, I haven’t been making wacky changes lately or anything. I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

  3. Scott Styles said,

    Sweet! Your plan is definitely working.

    Something to keep in mind – the dramatic shift in weight is probably related to glycogen depletion from the rowing workout yesterday. The body stores significant amounts of glycogen in your muscles and liver. For each gram of glycogen that is stored, you store around 4 grams of water. Cardio can deplete those stores, releasing water weight. When the stores are replenished, the water weight returns.

    In other words, if your weight rebounds next weight in but you’ve been following the plan, don’t get too concerned. I usually take my lowest weight over the course of the week because of this variance.

    BTW – Glycogen depletion is usually what makes people get so excited about low carb diets. They go into ketosis by depleting all their glycogen stores. Seemingly overnight, they loose a bunch of weight. The diet is a miracle! As soon as the go off the diet, their glycogen stores replenish and they magically regain a bunch of weight. It’s all water, but the carbs are definitely making them fat!

  4. Mike said,


    Thanks for the thoughts. I had considered the possibility of water weight but not in those terms, in sweat terms, as in “did I rehydrate properly?” I’m not sure I did. I also wondered if my food intake last night had something to do with it. Laura was out so I made an experimental meal: minute steaks with a tomatoe and avacado sauce. The steaks were ok, I probably had 2 – 2.5 dietary servings of meat but I ended up eating an entire avacodo and half a can of tomatoes in the form of the sauce, which was delicious. I was unintentionally low carb.
    I had planned on dropping a some calories this week. I pondered if I should do it after the drop. My final decision was that I should so I’m going ahead with that plan. Maybe I can string a a couple weeks together here.

  5. Scott Styles said,

    Sounds like you are on track, keep it up!

  6. Mike said,

    I’m gonna try. I’m a log way from your 205 but I’m honing in on my year end goal which makes me happy.

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