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Just another good day to make it a long weekend

Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Diet and Bodyweight,Kettlebells by Mike on July 9, 2007

AM workout
12K KB
2 hand swings x 20
1 hand swings X 20/arm
16K KB
2 hand swings X 20
1 hand swings X 20/arm
Standing press X 10/arm
Rows X 10/arm
Clean and Jerk X 10/arm
Flip Squat X 20
1 hand swings X 20/arm
My heart rate monitor says my average was in the low 100’s, I think this is because it lost my pulse a couple times. I didn’t have any pockets so it was on the ground. That doesn’t see to be a viable alternative as it occasionally beeps at me and when I look at it, it reads 00. Whenever I glanced at it, it was in the low 140s and climbing. It says my max HR is 151 which is probably correct. I’d say my average was in the low 14o’s, 142 maybe.

Weighed in, clothed below 250. First time that happened

This workout started out with a simple concept. Can I do 5,000 meters in less than 20 minutes. That’s faster than a 2:00 pace. The short answer is no.
1000 meters, warm up
2500 meters, 9:58
average HR 168
Max HR 178

Obviously, that’s not 5,000 meters but it was all I could do to push on to 2,500. I thought I’d take a breather and try to do a second 2,500 in under ten minutes and count them together as a victory with room for improvement.
5000 meters rest
2500 meters, fail, only 1000 meters

I simply couldn’t do it. I knew I was screwed when my starting heart rate was 160. Another day, I guess. Still a good workout and a good day.

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Monday morning weigh in :243.2

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on July 9, 2007

“no way, I gotta do this again”

I had been bracing for a higher weight or no loss this week. I spent a fair portion of the weekend thinking that I needed to dial down my diet some because I ate off diet a bit last week.  Normally I weigh myself most days but this week I didn’t so I can’t really say when the weight was lost during the course of the week. Either way, I’m really happy about that.

I’m aimed at 242 for next week. A nice round number and the lightest I have been this millenium.