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Chillin’ like a supervillain

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on July 7, 2007

I used today to recover. I slept A LOT. I slept clsoe to four hours last night and probably 2 hours throughout the course of the day. That’s not like me but it felt good.

Oh, did I mention that is having a contest, see me with the prize:


EDIT: Whoa big typo here. I slept Eight hours that night then some more during the day, not four.

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  1. Kris said,

    Hey Mike, thanks for posting the picture! It’s hard to describe, but I got a very special feeling seeing the first photo of the shirt “out in the wild”. If you have any feedback I’m all ears! And no, please don’t spare your real thoughts just because you got it for free, if anything (shirt quality, print quality, design quality etc.) is not up to par it will benefit a lot of people if it is fixed now.

  2. Mike said,

    So far the shirt is awesome. It hasn’t had its first washing yet nor has it gotten a proper beating in the gym. Still, it’s a comfortable shirt, it fits well, similar to other shirts I own of the same size. the print looks great to my untrained eye. All in all, a good shirt. Ask me again in six months and I’ll be able to give you a better feel for how it holds up.

  3. Måns said,

    Mine has been through the wash a few times (I got an early start with the shirt, sort of like a prototype) and so far it’s been great.
    I don’t think the print is going to wear out anytime soon, so… 🙂

    Likewise, Kris; that’s the first time I think the world has seen this shirt, really.

  4. Kris said,

    Having tested the shirt for a few months and washed it almost ten times, I think it has faded slightly. Not a lot, but it would probably be noticeable compared to a new shirt. This is probably normal and doesn’t look bad in any way. Just gives it that matured battle-tested look suitable for any hardcore lifter. 🙂

  5. Mike said,

    Faded I can handle. I have a lot of tshirts that are several years old, like five or more. They are all starting to get holes. The holes annoy me, faded, that’s just character.

  6. Kris said,

    Måns, you’ve got the same shirt, didn’t see a need to change anything. But yes, when I ordered the first shirts it was definitively in the spirit of prototyping to make sure they would indeed fly. Nobody likes a crappy shirt, and I didn’t want it to look home-made either.

  7. Måns said,

    Yeah but how awesome would that look… You in the wee hours of the morning, churning away shirt after shirt on a sowing machine… 😀

  8. Mike said,

    lol, now that would a great photo. Kris, you should mock one up. Each hand made, with love. 🙂

  9. Kris said,

    Tailoring until the wee hours is probably a lesser evil than programming until ditto. Tailoring course next!

  10. Mike said,

    there’s a difference? Then I’m doing one or the other wrong !

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