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On again, off again

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on July 6, 2007

AM workout….sleep

PM workout
I met Dan at Dumbarton for a workout, HIT style.
Neck extension 45lb plate X 15
Neck flexion 45lb plate X 15
Shrug 225 X 20

HIT time
Overhead  press 135 X 1o
Pulldown 150 X 7
Incline Bench 135 X 5
Seated Row 150 X 5, 120 X 5
Pec Deck 80 X 6
Bench 135 X 5
DB Pullover 45 X 10
T-Bar Row 90 X 10
Curl 75 X 6
Skull Crusher 75 X 5
Straight Leg Dead 225 X 20
23 minutes

These were a pretty solid smoker. I’m still not a real believer in this method of training byt it can be useful for working some of the energy system type stuff if nothing else.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Try wearing your HR monitor during one of these workouts – it yields some interesting results – be sure and do some pullovers and check the HR during and after them.

  2. Mike said,

    Will do, I considered it this time but didn’t. I’m supposed to have another one of these this Friday.

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