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Posted in Rant by Mike on July 4, 2007

A couple random things:

1) I bought my first pair of pants that were a size smaller, yesterday. Some really nice Columbia camping pants for Seneca Rocks in a 40 inch waist. Funnily enough, they may be a hair too large. I should have gotten pair of 38s and grown into them.

2) Kris of is having a contest. Show the contents of your gymbag and have a shot at a free T-shirt. Personally I love T-shirts, so here is my entry.

My gym bag contents vary by season and goal. The stuff I have here is what I am currently carrying with me in my bag:
My Gym Bag Main 
Here you can see my multitude of shoes: Gold Cup Oly shoes from E-Bay, Keen sandles that have somehow become my shower shoes and my favorite pair of training shoes at the moment. I have a towel, soap and deodorant, you’re welcome. I also have my gadgets: Rio mp3 player and Polar heart rate monitor.

My Gym Bag Alt 
These were a few alternate things, things I don’t carry now but sometimes do. Chalk bag, Chuck Taylors, Bag Gloves, 2″ dumbell handle and kettlebells.

Now go place your entry ‘cuase free T-shirts rock!

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  1. brent said,

    sounds like great progress, mike

    also where’d you get that chalk bag? i’m using a freakin ziploc freezer bag for my chalk ….

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks Brent, I’m psyched.
    The bag is a bouldering bag. Any climbing or outdoor store like REI or EMS should carry them. They’re in the climbing section but the are different from a normal climbing chalk bag because they are wider at the bottom and designed to rest on the ground. Normal climbing chalkbags would tip over sitting on the ground. The bag I have has two drawstrings, so you can close it up pretty tight and not worry about it getting chalk all over. It’s got a couple little pockets. You’re supposed to put climbing junk in there but I use ’em for my keys and wallet.

  3. Kris said,

    Mike, thanks for posting your bag!!! That’s a lot of shoes! Noted the lack of belt though, are you RAW to the bone or borrowing it from the gym/some poor fellow you come across when you need it? 😉 Love the kettlebell… kind of expected you might have one in there from time to time…

  4. Kris said,

    Ah, one more thing. You might have missed the small print, but since a free T-shirt is already heading your way on account of your help in judging our first meet, you are unfortunately not eligible to receive another one in this contest. I want to spread the T-shirt love more evenly, hence this restriction. But in all likelihood, 99% of your readers did not attend the meet… two free shirts for the taking folks! 🙂

  5. Mike said,

    No worries on the fine print. I would rather see the shirt go to someone new to virtualmeet, I just wanted to make sure some folks saw this.
    I’m don’t use a belt, I may still have one around here somewhere, but I have no idea where it is.
    That little bell to me is the symbol of all kettlebells, I have no idea why. It’s like deciding the runt of the litter is the dog for you. I can’t think of a single thing that kettlebell is good for but I like having it around. I do usually take my 16 and 24 or occasionally the 32 to the gym. I like showing them around.

  6. Scott said,

    Love that tiny kettlebell. Do you actually use that one, or is it too light?

  7. Måns said,

    Nice bag you’ve got!

    But I just have to say this; were you aware that Polar is a Finnish company..? 🙂
    Kettlebells are also really cool. If I may, I’d recommend Pavel Tsatsouline’s book Russian Kettlebell Challenge, it’s got some nice ideas on how to train with them.

  8. Mike said,

    That is a 4K kettlebell and, no, I don’t find it terribly useful. My wife has been known to use it on occasion though, specifically during Providence. Personally, I think it does more harm than good. Since it is so small, it tends to sit on th boney part of her wrist and is uncomfortable but Providence can be grueling at times so I can understand.
    Thanks. I was unaware that Polar is Finnish but I won’t hold it against them 🙂
    When I first bought my kettlebell, about a year and a half ago, I bought the RKC DVD. I really wasn’t happy with it. It pretty much just showed exercises with not explanation of how to use them together. I have since heard that the book is much better. Fortunately for me, I knew a guy who was really into kettlebells (he has since earned his RKC Instructor title) who was able to help me out. Since then I have watched and bought H2H and Art of Strength: Providence. I’m a big fan of both of those.

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