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Wrap up

Posted in Rant by Mike on July 4, 2007

A couple random things:

1) I bought my first pair of pants that were a size smaller, yesterday. Some really nice Columbia camping pants for Seneca Rocks in a 40 inch waist. Funnily enough, they may be a hair too large. I should have gotten pair of 38s and grown into them.

2) Kris of is having a contest. Show the contents of your gymbag and have a shot at a free T-shirt. Personally I love T-shirts, so here is my entry.

My gym bag contents vary by season and goal. The stuff I have here is what I am currently carrying with me in my bag:
My Gym Bag Main 
Here you can see my multitude of shoes: Gold Cup Oly shoes from E-Bay, Keen sandles that have somehow become my shower shoes and my favorite pair of training shoes at the moment. I have a towel, soap and deodorant, you’re welcome. I also have my gadgets: Rio mp3 player and Polar heart rate monitor.

My Gym Bag Alt 
These were a few alternate things, things I don’t carry now but sometimes do. Chalk bag, Chuck Taylors, Bag Gloves, 2″ dumbell handle and kettlebells.

Now go place your entry ‘cuase free T-shirts rock!