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Monday Morning Weigh in: 247.8

Posted in Cardio,Diet and Bodyweight,Kettlebells by Mike on July 2, 2007

Up 1.8. I’m not surprised. I didn’t behave well last week in regards to diet. I felt like I weighed in a little light last week anyway. I’ll try to refocus my diet a bit and get back after it. I think the single biggest factor I have found, green tea vs coffee. When I drink green tea all day, I get really hungry but am ready to go. Drinking coffee, I feel like I ate too much and sometimes I get to feeling more groggy than I began. That could be because I tend to fall back on coffee more when I already feel more tired.
This week will be a challenge because I have a holiday day right in the middle. That also means the gym is closed. I really do believe I do much better at weight loss on the rower than I do with my own workouts.
I’m not too distraut this week over the weight. I got a little perspective over the weekend. I set my sights on 235 for the end of the year originally and I think I’m gonna keep that as my primary goal for the year. I’m a mere 12 pounds away and I have half the year to go. With some diet control and keeping working out, I should reach it, fairly easily.

AM workout
12K kettlebell, 20 reps each
2 hand swings
1 hand swings
standing press
front squats
triple crush
2 hand swings
1 hand swings
Average heart rate: 130
Max heart rate :140
Time: 10:05
I really didn’t want tog get up and do this exercise. I was slow waking up, I was slow getting out to the living room and so on. I finally convinced myself that I needed to do my yogaish warmup just to wake up and feel better. After my little five minute routine, I felt better. So, although I used the 12K, I managed to get out and do it.