Anvil or Hammer

It’s not elbow speed

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 30, 2007

I hit the gym last evening, I felt a bit more fried than I should have. I think a combo of stress during the day and all those windmills and OHSs did me in early.

I took the first fifteen minutes to just get warm. I mostly just handled the bar a lot. No weight just snatch it and squat it. I moved on to some snatches. I was feeling pretty good snatching so I did some cleans, they felt, ok. I took advantage of my new phone and shot some video of myself. I was surprised how much I was not getting low. I may as well just stand up straight with the weight the way I am doing it.

Power Snatch
Power Clean
Power Clean with a Front Squat

I did a few more things before going home:
Military Stylle Bench 225 5, 7
Dips 6, 6
Alternating Standing Dumbell Press 50 12, 9
Barbell Row 60K 12, 12

I think that was about it. Like I said, I got burnt out early. I’m planning on rowing tomorrow. I’m gonna try to get providence in today.