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How not to respect yourself in the morning

Posted in Cardio by Mike on June 29, 2007

Last evening I ended up with a few sprints with the dog. Probably 6 of them abou 10 – 15 yards. We have found that she has no interest in fetching unless I’m right there beside her, then she’ll do it for quite a while.  She hesitated on one run and I got the ball. I think she was just giving me an ego boost.

That left the hammies a bit tight this morning.

I did my abbreviated yoga routine (5 stretches in about 5 minutes) and headed out to the deck. I considered my 16K kettlebell but stuck with the 12K since it has treated me so well for these morning workouts. Ten minutes of windmill to an overhead squat. I was doing roughly one ever fifteen seconds, thirty seconds for both sides. So about 20 reps per side. I tried leaving my heart rate monitor on the chair behind me. It apparently didn’t get enough info to give me an average but my max heart rate was 141. It got a little sweat going and my traps feel really worn out, from the overhead squats, I think. It occurs to me in retrospect that 10 reps of this would make for a brilliant warmup to my other morning routines, especially as I feel driven to move on to the 16K.

I think my body is going to hate me later.

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