Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Concept II by Mike on June 25, 2007

Short row
1000m warmup
2500m 9:00 average heart rate 171 max 181
500m slow
2500 10:20 average heart rate 178 max 184
500m slow

I’ve been working on trying to pull harder less often, as low as 20 SPM while trying to push the 2:00/500m mark. I can’t quite pull that hard, I have to speed up the about 24/25 spm to get there. I find that to a be really ahrd to maintain. My body seems to jsut kinda drift back toward more pulls but easier, so I try and push it back the other way. It’s good to have someone to disagree with, not sure that you’re your own ideal candidate.

Monday Morning Weigh-in 246.0

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on June 25, 2007

and then I cabbage patched.

I figured I’d run high after not working out at all yesterday and cutting this morning short due to a groin muscle that was making threatening gestures at me.

I have a hankering for some yoga though, I may do some tomorrow.