Anvil or Hammer

Too heavy

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 23, 2007

2 hours at Dumbarton

45 minutes of cleans with 80K. My technique is awful. I need to video myself and have some of you all pick me apart. I end up sitting up on my toes. Clearly, I am not getting my elbows through but I am catching it way too far forwad.
Probably 50 reps.

Squats 315 5X5 – man that was a lot harder than I expected. My legs are hurting serious today. I hope to bang ’em together in time for some rowing tomorrow.

Military Bench- Bw (250lbs) 3 singles
I know. sad

24K kettlbell snatches
10 X 10 per arm, plenty of rest between sets

I didn’t do my morning workout today, I should have but we got up and got rolling early, in a good way. Tomorrow morning I’ll probably do something just to check for kinks. I had hoped to do 10,000 meters this weekend. At this point, I may go row and just keep it slow fo 5,000 – 7,500.