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Posted in Concept II,Kettlebells,Toys and tools by Mike on June 20, 2007

Kettlebell presses and rows
16K 20 standing presses/arm
16K 20 rows/arm
12K – same as above
8K – same as above
average heart rate 133
the 16K was way too much for this. I should have used the 8 or 12 for the whole thing

500 meter – 2:30/5oom
250 meter – 1:50/500m
kicked the fan flue to about 50%
500 meter – 2:30/500m
100 meter – 1:50/500m
Repeat the last two X 7 more
I had planned on 500 meter on, 500 meters off. In retrospect, that was just dumb. I think I will try to grow the 5 off: 1 on combo. I also still need to work on developing me pull stronger. Initially my heart rate was about 140 during rest and 170 during sprints. As time went on, my heart rate stayed higher and on the last couple it never got below 160.

30 minute of wii boxing
15 minutes of playing with other games
I had some time to kill and thought i would check it out. It was fun but I don’t see it as all that valuable. Part of the issues is that you have to learn the movement patterns of the game, not of actual boxing. I hate the whole thing of trying to reprogram your muscles to meet the computers expectations. I guess it is better than sitting on your butt all the time. A good cooldown, heartrat dropped from the upper 130s to the low 120s in this time.

A few light sprints with the dog this evening.

I don’t think I will pull the tire tomorrow, I didn’t prep it this evening. I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow morning but I’ll do something.

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