Anvil or Hammer

Oh, cool

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 19, 2007

Makes me want to compete


Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on June 19, 2007

After this one, I’ll start rolling the morning workouts up in the round up. Don’t let me slack though.

I got up 15 minutes earlier, that went surprisingly well. I hung out for 15 minutes just to wake up, a little movement but not a ton. I stuck on my heart rate monitor and went to the car to get my sand bag. I carried 150lbs from the car to the deck (20ft) then emptied out the 100lb sandbag, leaving only a 50lb sandbag in there. Light but light seemed appropriate. I can’t tell if I tweaked my bak yesterday morning or it’s just sore. So I’m taking it easy. I started my time and did as many 50lb sandbag clean and front squats as I could. I really wans’t pushing as hard as I should. I would estimate in the area of 30 – 40 reps. According to my heart rate monitor, in the time it tooke me to get my sandbags out of the car, get them ready and workout Max heart rate: 160, Average heart rate: 130, number I saw most 145.

Today I am off to the place when I test an upgrade we are doing. These days are hard for me. My access to fridge and microwave are limited and they have a fantastic cafeteria. They even serve Starbuck’s coffee. Fortunately, I only go once a week. I’ll still take my lunch but I may let myself have a bit of that coffee, it’s just drip, as long as I don’t go all insane with syrups and creamers and stuff, I’m good.