Anvil or Hammer

Long row

Posted in Concept II,Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on June 18, 2007

10,000 meters 48:23
For purposes of comparison, Steve Cotter did his first 10,000 meters recently. He did it in 42:31, he smoked me.

The good news is that I climbed on the scale in sweat soaked clothes and rang in under 250, that’s the first for that in a while.

My heart rate monitor came in today too, so I’ll be playing with that.

Monday Morning Weigh-in: 247.4

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on June 18, 2007

Heeeey, not bad. 😀

Bear in mind, part of the reason I do my weigh-ins the way I do is for consistency, I want as many things as possible (contents of stomach, contents of guts, hydration…) to be the same. This morning represents a deviation from that since I hit kettlebells before this, so it may be apples to oranges. Still, if the direction keeps down for a few weeks, I think we can call it a trendn

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Wake up call

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Kettlebells by Mike on June 18, 2007

I rolled out of bed this morning and thought:
Time to start the 10 minutes of kettlebells routine
Nah, I don’t feel like it, shower time
Nope, time to start
My back hurts, I could hurt myself
Everyone is waiting, gotta do it

So I went out to my deck where I had stashed a couple kettlebells. I kne I only had ten minutes to work (I set my watch) but I didn’t want to get too overzealous so I grabbed the 16K
20 2 hand swings
20 1 hand swings per arm
20 cleans per arm
20 snatches per arm
At this point I was sweating and feeling good, I liked what I was doing and thought I might ladder back down. A quick check of the watch shows 4:57 remaining, so I’ll challenge myself to finish the ladder back down before time runs out.
20 snatches per arm
ooh, lower back is rebeling with spasms, I’m gonna have to break myself into this
So I put the bell down with a good 4 minutes to go and got out a broomstick and did some light stretching and squats.

That was my first mornig workout.