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The gun show

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 16, 2007

I was surprised to find that I was sore yesterday morning after Tabata and sprints. I think it was the sprints. Specifically, when I usually do them, I jog up to the line than go. The other day I was starting from a dead stop and turned 90 degrees from where I was going. The lateral start seems to have gotten into some muscles that don’t normally play.

Yesterday was gym duty. I spent the first 15 minutes just trying to un-sore myself. I did a lot of deep squats with only the bar, some dumbell windmills, some overhead squating, hang snatches. I went on to work the snatch with 40K until I felt like I was really in a groove. I was dropping to catch the weight rather than power snatching it. Then I moved on to cleans. I worked the clean at 60K until I had a similar experience. Then I got greedy. I went for 100K. I could pull it just fine and I could power clean it but I would let the power cleans miss, I wanted to legit clean it. It seems that whenever the weight gets heavy to me  (roughly 70-80K) I forget to drop to catch the weight, I slip into the power clean habit. I dropped th weight back down and worked the clean until the end of the hour.

I had done Olympic lifts for a hour and still had an hour of gym duty to go when some bodybuilders that I knew came in, so I worked in. They were doing arms, I haven’t done arms in years. Just to give you and idea, I was lifting with a 56 year old, his younger sister and a middle aged guy who isn’t a real serious lifter. What a crew.

Bodyweight 5, 20, 8
DB tricep extensions
60lb X 20
70 X 10
Bench Dip X 10
80X 6
Bench Dip X 6
90 x 5
Bench Dip X 5

Rope Tricep Pushdown
80 X 8
70 X 8
80 X 8
Burnout set (80 X 10, 60 X 10, 40 X 10)

15 X 15 X 2sets/arm

Wide Grip BB curl (counting bar as 25)
55 X 15
75 X 8
95 X 8
115 X 3

Narrow Grip
75 X 8
95 X 8
95 X 6

They all had a good chuckle at me working out with them. I managed to mostly keept up. The funnies thing is that I don’t fade away. As the lift got hard they would slowly agonize more over each rep. I just stopped. Not volutarily mind you, the muscle jsut wouldn’t go.

So far, I’m not too sore but I suspect I will hurt really bad tomorrow.

I weighed in light this morning.

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  1. Scott said,

    So is the arm day going to be a regular thing now? 🙂

  2. Mike said,

    I seriously doubt it but you never can tell with me.

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