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Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on June 16, 2007

I got my body fat measured today, that is, I made my wife measure my bodyfat. Considering it is the first time, this is highly unofficial. That said, I think she has done a good job. The number seems consistent with what I have seen with other techniques of measurement. We’ll do it a few more times to work up the comfort level. As Chris Rice has said, it’s not as important that the number be exactly correct so much as the measurement is consistent and repeatable.

Using a form on a website and a Excel form from Chris Rice, I came up with 20.8% and 21% (respectively).  This puts my lean mass just below 200. It also means thagt 10% will be right around 215, probably 210 by the time I get there.

Now I need to find that old post where I took my wrist and ankle and all measurements so I compare to that.

The latest blogger on TrainingSyndicate

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on June 16, 2007

Join me in welcomng Anthony to TrainingSyndicate.

I have seen Anthony posting on the Art of Strength forums for a while. The guy gets an a for effort and I suspect his results aren’t bad either.

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The gun show

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 16, 2007

I was surprised to find that I was sore yesterday morning after Tabata and sprints. I think it was the sprints. Specifically, when I usually do them, I jog up to the line than go. The other day I was starting from a dead stop and turned 90 degrees from where I was going. The lateral start seems to have gotten into some muscles that don’t normally play.

Yesterday was gym duty. I spent the first 15 minutes just trying to un-sore myself. I did a lot of deep squats with only the bar, some dumbell windmills, some overhead squating, hang snatches. I went on to work the snatch with 40K until I felt like I was really in a groove. I was dropping to catch the weight rather than power snatching it. Then I moved on to cleans. I worked the clean at 60K until I had a similar experience. Then I got greedy. I went for 100K. I could pull it just fine and I could power clean it but I would let the power cleans miss, I wanted to legit clean it. It seems that whenever the weight gets heavy to me  (roughly 70-80K) I forget to drop to catch the weight, I slip into the power clean habit. I dropped th weight back down and worked the clean until the end of the hour.

I had done Olympic lifts for a hour and still had an hour of gym duty to go when some bodybuilders that I knew came in, so I worked in. They were doing arms, I haven’t done arms in years. Just to give you and idea, I was lifting with a 56 year old, his younger sister and a middle aged guy who isn’t a real serious lifter. What a crew.

Bodyweight 5, 20, 8
DB tricep extensions
60lb X 20
70 X 10
Bench Dip X 10
80X 6
Bench Dip X 6
90 x 5
Bench Dip X 5

Rope Tricep Pushdown
80 X 8
70 X 8
80 X 8
Burnout set (80 X 10, 60 X 10, 40 X 10)

15 X 15 X 2sets/arm

Wide Grip BB curl (counting bar as 25)
55 X 15
75 X 8
95 X 8
115 X 3

Narrow Grip
75 X 8
95 X 8
95 X 6

They all had a good chuckle at me working out with them. I managed to mostly keept up. The funnies thing is that I don’t fade away. As the lift got hard they would slowly agonize more over each rep. I just stopped. Not volutarily mind you, the muscle jsut wouldn’t go.

So far, I’m not too sore but I suspect I will hurt really bad tomorrow.

I weighed in light this morning.